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About Us

Adilaire Technologies Logo Adilaire Technologies is a technical consultancy and website development firm based in Kolkata. It is headed by Adil Choudhury who is a qualified IT professional with years of experience and in-depth knowledge both in networking and web development. His early experiences of being in the information technology industry made him realized how vulnerable people are when it comes to technology. He believes firmly that technology must serve people and not be a source of bafflement and means of incurring exorbitant cost. This firm belief and passion, to make technology serve people to their advantage, led to the formation of Adilaire Technologies in 2008. The firm started as a one man show but slowly steadily over the years the firm has grown and can now proudly proclaim to have in-house web designer,PHP developer and content writer apart from freelancers around the world with similar ideology who work for the firm to cater to the increasing work load. At Adilaire each team member have the freedom to work within their own time and space to allow them the creative freedom. In spite of this freedom the team works in tandem to produce quality work.

We aspire and work hard to create websites that reflect your true spirit and core values. We pay attention to details in design theme, page layouts, colour schemes and choice of typography to achieve the desired visual effect and we add functionality to it as per your specifications and needs to create websites that are suitable for your clients and visitors. Size and complexity of the website does not determine the importance we give to it while working on a website. Each web project is handled with same dedication and care. Whether it is a simple 5 pages website with a standard design, a complex e-commerce, cms or a bespoke website we are equally dedicated to make it work for you.

We give sound advise and effective IT solutions that are economical and highly customized allowing you to save cost as well as avail best and latest technology suitable for fulfillment of your IT needs.

We at Adilaire Technologies lay great stress on building long term relationship with you. We know relationship is built on trust and honesty. We do not make promises we cannot fulfill nor create false picture about what is possible or exaggerate your requirements. We make it a point not to use marketing tricks to gain your attention.