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Off-Page Optimization

1.Link Building Programs:A technique where the link of your website is placed on other websites and vice versa in order to create a network and increase the probability of visitors clicking the same and then being directed onto your website. It is a very effective direct marketing tool and a great source of driving more website visitor traffic to your website and thereby affecting the organic search engine listings of your website in a very positive way the link. It is always ensured that the website with which the links are being exchanged, is relevant to your website, so for example if your selling cosmetics online, your website will benefit is it is associated with a website providing online makeovers rather than providing IT Solutions! Based on the scope of link exchange process, it could be classified into two types:
i) One way link building :When inbound one-way link exchange requests come-in from related directories, wherein by adding the hyperlink of your website on their websites so that they benefit by increasing their database and your website benefits by attracting all the traffic.
ii) Reciprocal link exchange:This is more of a mutual agreement entered between your website and another website which is relevant of placing each others link on your own website so as to boost the number of back-links i.e. links leading to your website, subsequently page rank and eventually higher rankings on search engines.

2.Article Submissions :Another way we employ to earn dedicated traffic to your website is through submitting theme-based & key phrase-rich articles into relevant directories which would not only let us have the unique article featured and show-case your know-how on a particular topic but also thorough optimization considering the targeted key phrases and leading to hyperlinks to your website.

3.Web 2.0 Marketing:The latest in off page marketing is the Web 2.0 Marketing of using Social Networks to promote your website. Websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, Digg,, offer attractive promotion opportunities. We use these Web 2.0 Marketing techniques along with our others to improve your search engine rankings. It is an alternative to the regular search engines like Google, wherein human- beings browse through the websites of their interest and tag/label it accordingly so as to make their discoveries available to all the future visitors seeking for similar information.

4.Blog Web Marketing :We use and strongly recommend creation and participation in Blogs as a powerful Web 2.0 Marketing tool. We offer participation services in all kinds of blogs for our client which help in attracting comments/ reviews from interested parties and allows to respond and carry the discussion forward. Through this service we promote more click through to the websites we are promoting for out clients.

6.Directory Submissions :Search Engine Optimization ( Google optimization)strategy of a website is greatly benefited by directory submission. It is basically about submitting your website (link) to directories under the most relevant category. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it only attracts and pulls interested and genuine web traffic to your website. Again, if we subscribe to paid directories, there are several ways of actually pushing your website ahead of all the other listings based on the directory dynamics.

7.RSS News Feeds:It is probably the best and hassle-free way of updating your website content on a very regular basis. Subscription to RSS Feeds basically involves latest news articles published elsewhere to be supplied and displayed on your website. We make sure that relevant industry-specific feeds are taken into consideration so as to attack the interested traffic. Contact us today to find out more about our SEO consulting services, and how you too can get SEO result.

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