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Our Process

1.Discovery:Clear communication is the key to succes. keeping that in mind in our first meeting we present each client with our welcome kit that explain to them who we are, what we do and our process.This answers many of the questions that any client may want to know before hiring us. At this stage we also try to absorb as much information about the client's needs , requirements and expectations through verbal communication.To ensure that the project is sucessful and to understand the scope of the project accurately so we give our client the opportunity to express themself better by providing them with a must fill requirement form that enables us to analysis the feasibiity of the project, the time schedule and the cost involved.

2.Defining The Project:Once we have studied your requirements we send you a breif outline defining how the project will proceed.If the proposal is approved by the client,we request for a designated person from client's side to be involved in the develpoment process to assure that there is open communication and project completes on time to the satisfaction of the client.

3.Content Development:Content is the most critical aspect of a website. Content is the test and pictures which your target audience will be looking for.We ask the client to provide information that correct and specific about the products and services they offer along with proper pictures. Once we receive the relevant information our content creator sort out the information that will be used on the website.It is extremely important to understand that for the website to be meaningful for the visitors providing substantial and relevant information.

4.Design:Based upon our client's requirements and industry standard and content material we have received we create a greyscale represntation of the layouts and visual elements. we then send the design to the client for approval.

5.Prototype:Once the design is approved, we create a prototype. this prototype may not contain the all features of the final interface but allows is the client get a look-and-feel of the final website, (It is most essential to note that any changes/ modifications/ must be communicated at this phase before full-fledged production starts.Once the production has reached it peak changes requested will be a chargeable service.

6.Development:Once the prototype is approved, we start adding functionality to website to give it life. Towards the end this phase of the project we review the navigation and usability of the website and work uppn to enhance experience of the visitors to the website.

7.Pre-deployment testing:We upload the website on an in-house local setups, just before the final deployment. We simulate the actual users, and test the functionalities with dummy inputs to check if every thing is working according to expection. Once all the issues are resolved the client is shown the a preview.

8.Uploading of the website:Involves uploading and testing the website on client's hosting server and making it avalable to the general public.

9.Project Closure:We sent an email is sent to the client confirming the completion of the project with an offer for the website's maintenance activities and seo and online marketing depending on the clients requirements.